December 15, 2010

Remainders (12/15)

The ESV Study Bible (read about why it's my favorite) is coming out in a smaller version in January 2011. Good news for those of us who aren't professional weight-lifters.

Not only can you now be signed in to multiple google accounts simultaneously (work and personal for example), but now you can also grant one account access to another.

Go figure! A New York Times article says, "Teachers whose students described them as skillful. . . are often the same teachers whose students learn the most in the course of a year, as measured by gains on standardized test scores" That study cost $45 million. At least it wasn't tax money.

Pastor Mark Driscoll shares in the Washington Post how he and his wife talk to their children about Santa Claus. Same ideas as Tomomi's and mine, but he says it much better.

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