August 30, 2007

Welcome to Japan! Here's your heat wave.

I've got a lot to write but the biggest thing that has happened recently is that my parents came out from California to visit . . .

and especially to meet D.

We went to a big "Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends" exhibit in Sunshine City, Ikebukero. We were herded through something like a maze containing pictures of Thomas characters set up for easy photo ops like this:

Of course the main attraction was the life-size(?) model of Thomas. I think James and Percy were there too. This is what the crowd was like . . .

But we finally made it up close and have the photos to prove it:

Because we were in a major heat wave, the kind where they update the death toll on the news every day, we didn't get out and about much. We played cards and did a lot of this:

The annual high school baseball tournament at Koshien was happening all week. Each prefecture in Japan sends their best team. (I think big prefectures get to send more than one.) Anyway, T learned all about baseball: the rules, strategy, etc. It was fun for three generations of Seminoffs to watch the games together. R even got into it and asked if she could have a bat for her birthday.

This shot is my current desktop background. Click it to see it bigger.

Because Papa and Grammy had to leave a few days before R's birthday she got to celebrate early. She loves the doll clothes that she got (because she doesn't get to dress and undress D) and as you can see above, the bat is popular too.

Anyway, we had one day of relief from the heat and spent it a Hikarigaoka Park, our current favorite hangout.

The kids played on the playground and we ate way too many ice cream cones (what else can you do when they keep giving you two-for-one coupons?). All too soon it was off to the airport and back home for Papa and Grammy.

August 8, 2007

70s Flashback with Keith Green

Yesterday evening I asked T what his favorite song was. He said, "Rejoice in the Lord Always." I took out an old Keith Green CD with a medley that included that song, dusted it off, set the player to "repeat" and we had a hoedown. T, R and I danced all around the living room for twenty minutes or so. R got so into it that when I started doing dishes later she said, "Let's keep dancing Daddy." I need to do the dishes now, R." But dancing is much more fun! Just keep on dancing"

It reminded me of attending church in the 70s and early 80s. The songs we sang were the songs in that medley. They are simple, catchy, and all have similar tunes. Click the play button below and to the left of Keith's face (or right on his face depending on your browser) and see if you can listen without smiling and tapping your feet.

I recommend all of Keith Green's music. This song originally appeared on "The Keith Green Collection" and it's also on "The Ministry Years: Volume 2"

I'm pretty sure I'm okay with copyright here. Keith Green sold his music for "whatever you can afford." He's dead now. If you are the current copyright holder and have a problem with what I've posted, let me know and I'll take it down.