April 1, 2013

New Music - Andrew Peterson

Well, it's new music for me anyway. One of the blogs I read featured this song on youtube by Andrew Peterson. Go ahead and play it while you read the rest of this blog post (or just play it and skip the rest of the post).

When I first heard this song back in January, I was waiting for the results from some scary medical tests. The song moved me in a way that music rarely does. It was exactly the message I would want to leave with my kids if something happened to me. (The medical thing ended up being nothing to worry about.)

So I bought the album that the song came from, Light for the Lost Boy. It's one of my favorite albums now. I guess the concept of the album, songs from a father to his kids, really resonates with me right now. "Come Back Soon," "Rest Easy," and "Don't You Want To Thank Someone?" are among my other favorite tracks. Andrew Peterson is part of a community of Christian artistic types called The Rabbit Room. It's worth checking out. They just might be this generation's Rich Mullins and Ragamuffins. Here's one more song that I love, "Hosanna."

ANDREW PETERSON - Hosanna Live from Far Country Media on Vimeo.