December 21, 2010

Father-Son Day

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince CaspianTomomi, R., and D. took off for Kyoto today. Today was my last day of classes so I can't leave until tomorrow. T. decided to stay back and hang out with me. There's no telling how long he'll be into spending time with Dad so I made the most of it. We played some chess, cooked together (reheated together is more like it I guess), and watched Prince Caspian.

What an excellent movie! I liked everything about it except the Susan-Caspian romance stuff which was nowhere in Lewis's original book. I also thought that the disagreements between Caspian and Peter were overdone.

Edmund was just cool, especially when he stopped the necromancy session and when he popped Peter's arm back into place while Peter was beginning to get sentimental.

After the movie, T. asked why Aslan didn't just come and help from the beginning. That led to a short, yet meaningful discussion about why God allows evil to continue. Gotta love C. S. Lewis.

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