December 1, 2010

Nerima Ward Agricultural Festival

Last month, we went to Hikarigaoka, our favorite park, and the agricultural festival for Nerima Ward was going on. It's kind of like a county fair in the US, but without the carnival aspect. Enjoy this slice of Japan.

Fall in beautiful Hikarigaoka Park.
Prize vegetables on display
Perfect box of onions
Tokyo's Nerima Ward is known for dried daikon radishes.
Boat made from vegetables
Detail of vegetable boat
Fishing for fruit
 The idea of this game was for people to see how much CO2 was prevented from being released by buying locally grown produce.

Holding a chick at the petting zoo
Marmot at the petting zoo
No agricultural festival would be complete without an Ampanman show!

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  1. Gorgeous produce! I am so wanting those onions! Every now and then I can find yellow onions. But normally we can only find the more mild red onions. They are great for some dishes, but the punch of a yellow onion is really different.