December 4, 2006

New Site for Families in Japan is a new site that says this about itself:
Are you raising a family in Japan? Do you have trouble getting simple things done? Piqniq is a Social Network Service tailored specifically toward English-speaking families living in Japan. Our concept is "Families helping Families" and we invite anyone that wants to meet other families, help other families, or discuss family-related issues pertinent to life in Japan to come and join the Piqniq!
I just discovered the site today. It looks like it's 6 or 7 weeks old. About 500 people have signed up by the looks of the user list, but it's hard to say how many are active (I'm signed up as "jeremy"). The home page automatically lists the most recent entries that members have written in their piqniq blogs. It also has tabs that link to "My Account," "Members," "Japan Directory" (a user submitted list of annotated links), "Forum" (not very active yet), and a "Feedback" form. The layout of the site is decent, but with the ability for users to add content that automatically shows up on the front page, the webmasters will have to be very vigilant in dealing with spam. A site like this is as good as the contributions of its members so we'll have to see how it turns out. The niche it seeks to fill is an important one. I wish all the best!

Edit 12/5: If you want to check out the site without signing up first, add /node to the end of the url. That's

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