December 20, 2006

Jim Bakker Legacy

Jim Bakker, the disgraced TV evangelist has a bit of a comeback going on. He's married again, back on TV, and publishing books. I remember listening to and enjoying his and Tammy's record (the one in the picture) when I was young. If you want to hear some songs from the record, click here. Warning: I enjoyed them as a little kid. Listening to them now is a totally different experience.
Warning 2: The blog entry I linked to above has some profanity in the comments.

I remember hearing about Bakker's "fall" when I was a teenager and not really caring because, hey, teenagers don't have very high expectations for public role models. He went to jail. I vaguely remember hearing about him getting out and writing a book called I Was Wrong.

Then I saw something the other day on CNN about his son, Jay Bakker. Jay's a "punk preacher" in Atlanta. His relationship with his father is strained and he's dealing with his mother's terminal cancer. His church meets in a bar, but the funny thing is that he seems to have his head screwed on fairly straight. Check out the article about him and his commentary entitled "What the Hell Happened to Christianity?" It's good to see something good come out of the mess.


  1. I just listened to all the songs and got a kick out of them. How cool you remembered them from your childhood.

  2. Yeah. I want to play them for my kids and see what they think.