November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

Turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, sushi, and goya. Sushi and goya?! Yes, we celebrated another Thanksgiving in Japan. Here is the spread:

We celebrated at our preschool / church / community life center. About ninety people showed up for the festivities, many from the church but also several preschool students and their families. An American guy explained the historical roots of the holiday, we feasted on turkey (and less traditional things), played some silly games, talked about what we're thankful for, and called it a day. What I'm thankful for, now more than ever, is my wonderful family. Here they are:


  1. Mr. Jeremy,

    You and your sister have inherited your mother's hospitality gift. Molly had 20 something at her house, but you win the prize, 90 something!! (but I didn't get any sushi in Montana, which you know I love)

    I am so thankful for family as well.

  2. I do enjoy practicing hospitality, but a lot of people worked really hard for the party. Actually, all I did was lead a silly game and eat a lot!