November 11, 2006


In Japan, the land of complicated garbage, you can't just throw umbrellas away when they get broken; you have to separate the fabric from the frame and throw the pieces away separately. While cutting an umbrella apart with T, one of us had the idea to make a parachute. We quickly assembled one with some string, harnessed Green Lantern into it and . . . you see the result. It worked really well. This shot is of the parachute flying from the top bunk. We also dropped it from the fourth floor of our apartment stairwell a few times, but what with the rain and all, I couldn't get a good photo. Great fun!


  1. How ingenius. Necessity is the Mother of invention. I'm sure the kids loved it. Make sure you yell "bombs away" before you drop it from the 4th floor.

  2. Tokyo MommyJanuary 19, 2008

    Good idea! My kido would love that!