November 6, 2006

"Go to the Ant"

Via Joe's Blog, "Top Ten Reasons Why Ants Are better Goal Setters Than You" on Achieve-It.

The whole Achieve-It article is worth reading. The author took seriously King Solomon's words from a few thousand years ago and considered the ways of the ant.
  1. Ants follow proven instruction.
  2. Ants are determined.
  3. Ants see defeat as only temporary.
  4. Ants collaborate better than Wall Street executives.
  5. Ants defend what they have and expand it.
  6. Ants never let personalities get in the way.
  7. Ants never spend their whole paycheck.
  8. Ants expect more from themselves than should be possible.
  9. Ants remain focused until they succeed.
  10. Ants never give up.
[Photo Credit: Ant Party by tarotastic.]

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