November 29, 2007

By the Numbers

Beach weather is a distant memory. This will have to be a catch-up post and it will go by the numbers.

599. The height of Mount Takao in meters. It's the tallest mountain in Tokyo (Tokyo is much more than the city). T and I climbed it last Saturday. It's a tough climb for a seven-year-old. He was a trooper.

1. The number of paper clips I paid for the first piece of fine art I ever bought. It's a picture of a rhino in crayon on paper by T.

100 and 500. The number of kilometers I've run this month and since I started logging my runs in June.

4.5. D's age in months. Time flies. He laughs at his own (or even better, someone else's) hiccups. enjoys my falsetto singing voice, (but frowns disapprovingly when I sing in a normal voice), and loves his Mommy.

20. The approximate number of times R shouts "Daddy!" as she runs to greet me when I come in from work most days . . . even though she's been with me most of the day at work and got home just an hour before I did.

26. The number of days until Christmas.

3. The number of days R thought there were until Christmas as of yesterday. We've been telling her that Christmas is in December. She knows that December is in just a couple days. Put two and two together and when is Christmas again?

9. The number of years Tomomi and I have been married. We celebrated our anniversary last month by getting a babysitter and going out for a nice Italian dinner. Had to take D with us, but he was on his best behavior. I've got a wonderful wife!

1 comment:

  1. Wow, I can't believe Timothy climbed Takao san, that's awesome.

    About Daniel, Kana says, "Timothy ni sokkuri!". His smile is awesome.

    Rina is looking as cute as ever, and is she about 5 now?

    I can't believe how time is flying.