September 17, 2007

Beach Day

We went to the beach with some friends today. T and R had been looking forward to it for days. ("Tomorrow's tomorrow's tomorrow's tomorrow, we're going to the beach, right Dad?") We planned a 5AM departure to beat traffic and the kids had no problem waking up at 4:something. T was running, jumping and blabbering so much that I had to tell him just to sit in a chair and not get up unless he really had to (I had to finish my first cup of coffee before dealing with that much energy at that time of day).

It was a beautiful day at Kujukuri beach in Chiba prefecture.

Catching some rays

Sand castle? Cake?

For T, a day without baseball is now unthinkable. (That's our friend David playing catcher.)

She left it all out there on the beach.

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  1. duuuuude!

    cute kids and they all look somewhat.. japanese... congratulations to your third one!

    okay, guess no longer, Jeremy, it's your '96 DTS-Member Stefan from Germany. I just thought of you, wondered if I still have your email address (which I don't), and so I googled you and found this blog. Well, actually I first found your other Site "New Hope..." and then got here... ANYWAY. (or WHATEVER!)

    I think every now and then it is good to sit back, think about where I landed, where I was, and where I will be in future, and in such moments it is so amazing to see how God is faithful to his promises, and to see his hand in so many situations I recall. I got married 4 Years ago, dunno if we had contact since then, we got (just) two Kids (so far), Felix Tomte & Frauke Elisabeth, 2,5 Years and 10 Month old. Many of our Friends went on a DTS, and my wife kinda got jealous and want's to do one too, maybe I will finally end up at YwaM once again... any crossroad DTS planned in Japan? Well, or maybe in Hawaii, would be cool to meet your Parent (if they are still there).

    well.. it's late over here, gotta go. God bless you all, have a nice day!