May 9, 2007

Soccer Game

Today a preschool neighbor (we have the greatest neighbors) dropped by to offer us tickets to a pro soccer game. A few hours later T and I were off to watch Omiya Ardija take on . . . um . . . another team. We had a wonderful time together. A couple of highlights:
  • While getting ready to leave, T says excitedly, "When we get back I'll be able to write a story called 'Just Me and My Dad!'"
  • Ten minutes into the action, T asks, "Are the players grown-ups? They look small like kids from here but they are really good."
It was good fun. I'm a typical American who only takes interest in soccer every four years at World Cup time. I wouldn't have cared much to see the game myself but like so many other things in life, seeing through a child's eyes made all the difference.

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