October 16, 2006

Japan Window

If Japan interests you, or if you just enjoy great photos, then you must see Andy Gray's photoblog. He has an excellent eye and offers keen commentary on life in this country. He mainly does street photography (what he calls "people related to their environments"), but there are also portraits, buildings, and shots of nature and temples.

After getting numerous requests, he recently began offering some of his photos for sale.

By the way, Andy doesn't mind people reposting his images as long as they do so appropriately.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Jeremy, Nice picture. I checked Andy's blog and it is pretty neat.

    I am very excited about the Detroit Tigers. I believe they will go all the way.

    I don't care who will play us. However, I lean towards New York because more people will watch.

    On the other hand, if St. Louis wins. More people in Japan will watch because they have a Japanese player on the team.

    The player's name is Taniguchi. I have only seen a little of him, but he seems like a really good player.

    Go Tigers! It will be a great World Series.