October 20, 2006

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  1. Hey Jer,

    Really enjoyed your blog. You are higher tech than I, and you are older. How sad.

    Heading to Spokane tomorrow for mini-outreach and we are really excited. Be back in a week.

    Love to you and the fam.

    XOXO- Molly

  2. Thanks for your blog. I just got it on and need to get a quick bite and head to Berkeley-Go Bears. I will read it tomorrow. I really like your home page and your priorities in life.


  3. Hey, i am here in your blog. Its so good to see how God has been and still using you (and now your own fam) in the nations. You were a huge part of what made this mission attractive, thanks. Bless you and nice site. Peace... jon

  4. AnonymousJuly 12, 2007

    Hey Jeremy, Really enjoyed reading your blog. A great way to keep up with you an your family.
    So proud of all of you. Much love,
    Aunti Alice

  5. Well well well, my friend. You have been busy! Congratulations to you & Tomomi on the birth of your new son!! It's really wonderful news and I'm so happy for you both. It's amazing how much Timothy has grown, and I must confess, it's been so long since we last spoke, I didn't even know about Rina!

    My wife Nancy and I had a baby girl last year. Her name is Lilah Subin (but we just call her Subin). Here is a link to a video clip from her first birthday this past April:


    She's now almost 16 months old and walking and babbling like a champ. Can't wait to be able to meet up with you and your family again sometime soon (either in Japan or stateside - we live in Brooklyn). Looks like you're in a baby competition with Paige!! (She's got 4, I think).

    Much love to you all,

    Brian Byun

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  7. Tokyo Mommy (AkA Beth M)January 19, 2008

    Hello! I finally got around to commenting on your site! Loved reading your blogs (nice to get a guy's perspective on teaching kids and parenting). We could all use a little creativity when it comes to kids!