December 29, 2012

Reading THE Good Book Well

This blog is about reading good books well. Most would say that the Bible is a good book, even THE Good Book. I read the Bible every day, and like many others, I read a study Bible. Jen Wilken at the Gospel Coalition questions the helpfulness of study Bible notes. She says that depending on the commentary in a study Bible can be like depending on a GPS. You get where you're going, but you don't really get to know your way around. She says that sometimes it's good to get lost.

Wilken follows up with thoughts about the right use of a study Bible and concludes with this exhortation.
So use your study Bible as it is intended to be used: as a reference point for your own conclusions, but not as a substitute for them. And get lost a little bit. Allow yourself to feel the extent of what you don't understand. It's a humbling feeling---but if your destination is wisdom and understanding, humility makes an excellent starting point for the journey. Seek with all of your heart, trusting the promise that those who do so will find that which they seek.
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