April 28, 2007

Woodpecker Skull

The other day my son dove into the couch at high speed. Unfortunately for him, someone had moved a cushion and he smashed his forehead into the wooden frame with a loud whack. He immediately burst into tears and said, "I --sh (sob) - wa- a woo--(sob)---er (sob, sob, sob)" After getting him to repeat himself a few times through his sobs,we made out that he was saying, "I wish I was a woodpecker because they have thick craniums!"

Good old Ranger Rick magazine. A few months ago there was a feature which said a woodpecker can bang its heads into trees all day without getting a headache because the front part of its cranium is extra thick.

Yes, this is the second blog entry about one of my kids bumping his head and saying something about a cranium.

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