March 31, 2007

Quick Summary

So much has been happening recently that I haven't had time to post. Here's a quick update.

March 5: The Move

We moved from our apartment in Shiki (6-1/2 years--longest I've ever lived in one place) to a slightly bigger apartment in Tokyo, only a 45-second walk from the preschool where Tomomi and I work and our kids are students. It saves half an hour one way which is over 20 man-hours per week considering that all four of us go there almost every day.

One of the things I enjoy most is that we now overlook a grove of trees. I've been watching a bird work on its nest every morning as I have my coffee and Bible time. (OK, it's a crow and the nest is mostly made of wire coat hangers but you take what nature you can get in Tokyo.)

March 20: Graduation

T graduated from kindergarten! Doesn't he look grand? Home school starts next week.

March 29: Cherry Blossoms

We had a picnic yesterday afternoon and evening at a nearby park. The cherry blossoms were the most beautiful I've ever seen.

March 30: Zoo

Ueno Zoo is one of our favorite places to go. We spent a wonderful afternoon there today.

Watch for this look in the fashion magazines.
This would have been a perfect shot if I had got the whole tail.

There was only one billy goat in the petting zoo. He was too tired to move. Almost all the nannies are pregnant. Connection?

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